Make Renewable Simple. Make Sustainable Reliable.

Maximize performance, minimize time and effort.

Pioneer a transformative paradigm for operation of solar systems.

Managing renewable energy systems gets exponentially harder as system scale and complexity grows. To solve the climate crisis, we find ourselves in need of a capacity far surpassing the current levels. For the renewable energy industry, there exists a pressing need for a solution to the paradox: How to manage complexity with simplicity?

Be a challenger. Be responsible.

Enmova traces its origins back to the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE),  where sustainability and creditability are ingrained in our essence. We embrace our technical heritage as the driving force behind the energy transition. Our team thrives on challenging the status quo and reshaping what’s possible

Marrying solar domain expertise with pioneering AI and digital breakthroughs, we don’t peddle buzzwords; we deliver meticulously validated results, transparent for all to validate. Our tools turn data into positive impact by maximizing solar reliability and profitability. Guided by trust and reliability, we underscore our industry commitment. We are pioneering a future where renewable energy transforms from complex to simple, from unstable to sustainable.

Our Team

Dr. Björn Müller


Dr. Eduardo Sarquis

Head of Data Analytics

Sven Hodapp

Head of Software Development

Jefferson Bor

Business Development Manager

Swetlana Hildebrandt

Team Assistant

Daniel Basa

Data Scientist