Unlock Peak Profitability for Your Solar Assets.

Maximize performance, minimize time and effort.

En:light - Monitoring and Analytics

En:light automatically detects faults and energy losses, prioritising based on their economical urgency across your portfolio. This optimises your workflow by maximising both time efficiency and the impact of actions. All that’s left for you to do is confirm the suggestions!

Elevate your Operations

Focus on what
matters the most

Target high-value solutions by prioritizing issues with max business impact. Bypass tedious sifting through incident alerts.

Loss and holistic fault insight

Gain industry-leading 99% accuracy in identifying performance issues. Get transparent fault diagnostics for clear insight.

Intelligence driven by PV experts

Rely on our rigorously validated algorithms, backed by 4 years of R&D with Fraunhofer ISE and O&M experts.

Take advantages of a new paradigm for PV monitoring and analytics